An open-ended world filled with balloon-like animals bouncing all over the colorful environments. Tap to open the crate boxes to find animals inside and learn their names as they come out. It's a perfect starter app for little ones.
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Train + Puzzles = FUN ways for your kids to learn basic alphabets, while building their vocabulary of everyday objects at the same time.
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With plenty themes to choose from including Safari Trip, Family Time, and many more, put together the puzzle pieces to form the complete image, and revisit them in the gallery collection.
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Learn basic shapes and silhouettes of cute cartoony characters, animals, vehicles, and everyday objects in this educational game for kids. Simply drag and drop the matching objects to see them in action.
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A fun and intuitive way for kids to construct letters into names of animals, vehicles, and everyday objects. And once finished, see them come alive in animation.
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Learn the alphabets' shapes by tracing colourful and animated letters. It's an entertaining as well as educating game for kids, filled with cute cartoony animal characters.
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BonZoo is a joyful universe filled with cute baloon-like animal characters, with the mission to help your kids to learn basic interaction with everyday objects, through simple and intuitive controls.
Our Core Values:
We believe kids learn best through play. We provide a playground for kids to jump into a world full of colours and imagination.
Kids are explorers. They experiment, push forward and try new things every day. Newness excites them and us.
No goals & rules, just pure fun activity of interacting with the experience. Play time only ends when you want it to!
We are commited to make our products free from in-app purchases or third party advertising, so you and your kids are free to discover without any interruptions.

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